Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ten things that made me smile today

Okay nothing deep, nothing esoteric, just ten things that made me smile today. I make lists like this in my head sometimes to help me remember how it really is the simple things that make life the sweetest.

1) a silly dog named mingus

2)An adorable boy with beet juice all over his face

3) Realizing that when all of the Dr. Bronners in the bathroom ran out, that I actually had more to refill the  dispenser because I finally broke down and bought a gallon of the stuff. (BTW- Dr. Bronners is the SHIT! I use it to wash dishes, hair, skin, clean toilets and kitchens...this year I actually had it do my taxes for me. There is NOTHING it can't do!)

4) Picking the last of the peonies in the garden

5) A sweet man who desperately needs a haircut, but looks like such a cute overgrown kid that I just don't have the heart to ask him to cut it....

6) My studio Shambhala Yoga Center

7)Hearing  from a neighbor about my cat Charlie who loves to casually walk into other people's houses in the middle of the night so he can sleep on their beds and spoon with them.

8) The vegetarian meatloaf I made for dinner along with greens from the garden.

9) Ruth Stout. I love this woman and am using her gardening method. I wish you could see interviews with her, but they have all been removed. She died ages ago, but still lives on in her amazing book "Gardening Without Work" you can read more about her mulching system here

10) Holding and feeding a baby for a new mom while I taught yoga and she took my class. A challenge to multitask like that, but OH- that new baby smell......


  1. That is the worst picture of me ever. I'm glad I beat the vegetarian meatloaf in your list. Although that was some killer veg meatloaf.

  2. Oh, thank you for kindly sharing these lovely smile-evoking images! I seem to have a stronger and stronger connection to Beacon, NY - thanks to Michelle, thanks to you, thanks to Kimberley, the adoptive mother of kids with Down Syndrome, and thanks to the power of the Goddess or God or whatever language or labels we use for the mystical and spiritual...all the way from St. Augustine, Florida, I am smiling in your direction.
    Love, love,
    Angie at Eat Here