Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh yeah- I'm a yoga geek...and you may be too.

I have a LONG drive to work where I am a therapist. I get to sit in the car for an  hour and a half each way three days a week. The other day when I was driving to work while engaging in my happiest car past time, I realized with startling clarity... "I AM A YOGA GEEK."  "Uh yeah" you might be thinking right now- "you have a yoga blog and ALWAYS talk to me about yoga every time I see you.....GEEK!" It was not so clear to me however, until this lightening bolt realization hit me while driving and I was engaging in my happiest car past time. Okay, I will let in in on my car past time secret....I do yoga in my head while I drive. Yup- I sure do.....for an entire hour and a half on the way to CT. I put on my favorite play lists on my ipod, and have the most radical, amazing asana practice ever (you would not BELIEVE the things I can do- Handstand into scorpion?...uh yeah)! "NO WAY am I that GEEKY!" you may be thinking- but perhaps you are....I have devised  quite a sophisticated test to tell you....
1) Do you do yoga in your head when driving?
2) You discuss the merits of Muhla Bhanda with your friends (sorry M.A. :)
3)You no longer snicker a little bit when your yoga teacher tells you to take Titibhasana 
4)You understand question #3 (for all you non yoga geeks I'll enlighten you..."hee hee, she said titty")
5)You wear yoga clothes more than street clothes...and or also- have more yoga pants than jeans.
6) You think of your yoga mat as "your precious" and hiss at someone who touches it.
7) You start signing all of your emails and correspondences with  Peace and love or Shanti even when you're emailing your accountant (just like I did today).
8)You won't go out on a Friday night because you "don't want to be too tired for yoga tomorrow morning"
9) If you laugh out loud AND understand all of the references for the following pictures.......

Answer key:a)If you answered yes to one of the above you are an "APPRENTICE                              YOGA GEEK"  keep up the will be dorking it out in no time.
                      b) If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions...congratulations! you are a "YOGA GEEK!"
                     c) If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, and one of them is #9, you are a "YOGA GEEK"and a "STAR WARS DORK".  
These unbelievably funny pics are from the website You will not believe us 

peace and love, fellow geeks. May the force be with you.

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