Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Chakra...root it down

So I have been working in classes and in my own practice on the first Chakra....The root chakra, the base, the origins of US. This is the chakra that holds us up and stabilizes us. This chakra taps into our feelings of needing to belong to a tribe (ie, family, community etc...). However, if we do not root down in the essence of ourselves first, feeling that stability and comfort from inside- we will look to our tribe to provide all of the groundedness in our lives. If the tribe becomes unstable, so do we. I think of it like this- if a tree cannot send it's roots down deep into the earth instead sending them out on the surface, with the first hard rain the tree will come crashing down. If however the tree sends roots down deep, the roots it spreads out closer the surface will make it stronger. If those surface roots are ever compromised the tree will remain standing. We are like that tree....if we find strength and power inside of us first- when a lover leaves, a family is compromised, a friend is sick, a parent is emotionally unavailable etc....we are still standing. Sad, challenged, angry, frustrated- perhaps. Rocked to the point that we can not function and shut down? No.
So breathe, dig deep.....root down.
Next week the second Chakra- we are working our way up the entire chakra system!

Asanas for the first Chakra
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Extended Triangle
Garland Pose
Noose Pose


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