Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yoga? (Random Thursday musings)

Yesterday I wore my sandals to work. See, I have pictures to prove it....
Woke up, looked at my boots and thought "NO." That was really the only logic I have for that (well, I guess that is not logic, more than it is a declarative 1 word statemtent). It only got to 38 degrees, and I didn't care. People looked at me like I was crazy.... didn't care. It just felt so good to able to see and wiggle my toes. Reminded me that spring really will be here....someday. I think I will start wearing my sandals in winter on a regular basis.

Got home from work tired. LONG day in the salt mines with the kids; filming a therapy session, parent navigation, driving all over creation to go to an OT consult for a client of mine...dragging, just get home, then you can relax. Alden and I walk in the door...OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT SMELL? Poor Mingus,  sick as a dog (no pun intended) all over my oriental rug...SEVERAL times.  gag, scrub, scrub,scrub,gag, inscense, door open, scrub, rinse, repeat.....SOB.

By 6:00 I was beyond fried...snapping at my son, not wanting to make dinner, overwhelmed...DAMNIT, WE ARE GOING OUT TO A NICE DINNER. I am going to use some blood money from the studio and we are going to eat pasta, drink good wine (not Alden of course) and WE ARE GOING TO HAVE FUN....(I am thinking this very grimly...clenching my teeth).  Pick up grouchy husband at the train station who starts.... "work sucks, neck hurts, world is cruel, blah blah blah."  OH NO- you are not going to ruin MY night...MY NIGHT!!!!!!!  Get to restaurant- Beet salad... "Mommy! Beets are the candy of the vegetable world!" Good wine..."Shan, I'm glad we came- this is fun!" Dessert...laughing until tears roll down our cheeks. Huh...look at what happens when I get out of the MY headspace.....

This morning teach class... then off to get a steam cleaner from Lowes  (oh yes- the glamour never ceases). Damn dog- ruined my rug, have to waste my day cleaning, grumble, kvetch, grumble. Walk into Lowes and there they are....aaaaahhhhhhhhh- Amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs on sale for 2 bucks...YES! Growing things in the house until spring!!! sweet smells, dirt, hooray! Skip over to the carpet cleaners- what a nice day to open up the house and clean the rugs.

So hmmm- what was my compulsion to write these random snippets of time down for all to read? How does any of this translate to the mat? I thought about it for most of the day...then- oh yes!!!!!! THIS is the yoga of LIFE! These moments.... so precious so perfect.  Laughing, crying, loneliness, doubt, boredom, joy. INHALE, EXHALE....perfection.

oh- and I wore my sandals again today.

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  1. OK. Off to Lowes

    Missed coming to class this week. My wrist is screwy from all those awesome vinyasas last week. Bummer. Hopefully next week.

    Cute sandals. Cute dog. Cute kid


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