Thursday, January 7, 2010

First time is the hardest?

So friends have been asking me to start a blog for what seems like forever....I have had a million VERY good reasons (I know watching reruns of Top Chef counts as a reason) not to do one. But I have been inspired by a few very cool ladies to just do it here I am. I am...with my keyboard in front of me- waiting for pithy brilliance to trip out of my brain and onto the keyboard...First time is the hardest- right?

I have always been that person that likes to do my "firsts" in private. A dry run to make sure that I don't fall on my ass. I don't think that approach has worked too well for me because I have always seemed to fall on my ass. A LOT (More than most people I know). I have to say I am getting used to it. I don't LOVE it by any stretch of the imagination (having a bruised ego is pretty painful). I think though I am starting to understand it...(Sorry Shan, you don't get the luxury of a dry run. Life has a funny way of grabbing your toe and making you trip on your feet onto the way to the dress rehearsal.) The first time may be the hardest- but it may be the only time i get to do it. After all, I have fallen on my ass thousands of times...and I still get up and come back for more. Bruised egos heal ( helped along by a glass of wine and a long chat with one of my friends) and I always come out of it sore...but happier, more expansive. Hmmmmm- sounds a lot like what I go through on my yoga mat (minus the wine and the long chat).

Thanks for being part of this dry run needed!

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