Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughts on love in a time of great sorrow....

Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers,  "Grow, grow".
-The Talmud

The past few days have been heavy, hard. It's almost as if the collective cries of all of our brothers and sisters in Haiti have gathered in waves and moved across the ocean, washing over me continuously...until I feel completely pulled under. Of course that question that can't be answered or needs to be answered keeps running through my head...WHY?

For a day I felt completely powerless-ANGRY. Anger that couldn't be directed at anything or anyone, because there was nothing to direct it towards. This anger weighted me down even more...(there is NOTHING I can do). 
Then I read this meditation written by Rolph Gates, and it brought me out of the space I was in- giving me a gentle, loving, reminder about why we are all on this journey:

Many of us have spent years trying to ameliorate the world's suffering without confronting our own. The belief that it is possible to heal the world without healing ourselves first is what the Yoga Sutras call lack of true knowledge. The truth is, when we are happy we spread happiness, and when we are in pain we spread suffering. If our aim is to alleviate the worlds suffering, then we must begin with our own minds and bodies. We must do yoga. Each action taken in compliance with the eight limbed path  brings with it an increase in our own peace and happiness- our happiness is welcomed by the universe.....With each step we take towards the light, the universe rejoices. When we let go of our suffering, we participate in the salvation of all living beings.

Just remember beautiful yogis and yoginis, there IS always something we can do. We can continue down the path of love. We can spread the light of all of our true nature to everyone we encounter...expanding joy, holding each other up, loving our lives and each other.

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  1. This makes me feel better. And a little more hopeful. So glad you're blogging


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